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Brisbane Interior Design

Designtank understands Queensland homes and households. Our interior design service draws on principles of good design as well as deep knowledge of Brisbane lifestyles.

Designtank are specialists at kitchen and bathroom renovations. Sometimes getting these rooms right is all it takes to refresh a whole house. Utilising intelligent space-planning, you can find space you didn’t know you had, unlock your home’s potential and fit it seamlessly around your family’s needs.

We can work within a larger renovation project to get these oh so important rooms right. Our job is to give you that perfect balance between personal taste and contemporary living whilst preserving the essence of the existing building.

Home Renovations

Our home renovation projects elevate your lifestyle. New floorplans can help you find more space than you thought possible; variable lighting hands you control of mood and energy use alike. Interior drafting services mean that you don’t have to find cabinetry that fits your house and family, we build it to your exact space and specs.

Queenslander Renovations

We’ve been renovating Queenslanders for years. We understand that floors are never level and ceiling heights vary. We know that multiple rounds of renovations can complicate the floor plan, with old verandas built in and limitations from the existing plumbing and partitions. We love the challenge of working with older homes. In fact, finding ways to create spaces for modern living without compromising a building’s history is a big part of what we do here.

Local Design Aesthetics

We have projects in urban spaces in South Brisbane and river view apartments in the inner suburbs of New Farm, Teneriffe and Hamilton on up to Brisbane North and increasingly sought-after leafy residential suburbs like Kedron. Designtank can work with you to create a space that sits comfortably in its surroundings. Making the most of views, bringing in light and air and finding more space than you ever thought possible, whilst designing for the complexities of our varied weather and period homes.

Project Oversight

Designtank creates a personalised design package, tailored specifically for your project, with a detailed Scope of Work and fee schedule.
It’s never too late to call us. For projects that have already started, we can inject some much-needed momentum and structure.

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