Brisbane Family Home

Client Brief:

Give us a spacious Queensland family home, within our urban floorplan.


This Queenslander renovation sought to accommodate a growing family in an urban space. Creating versatile, multi-use family areas made the most of the floorplan, whilst carving out dedicated spaces for reading and working from home. Designtank created a design that balanced spaces for a Queensland family lifestyle, such as family dining for at least 8 people and a custom entertainment unit in the living room. At the same time, a custom bookshelf and library ladder as well as office nooks reserved usable quiet spaces.


This large project included updating and redesigning the kitchen to allow for daily living whilst accommodating up to 8 people for dining. The living areas were reimagined to create different spaces for family members, from a library and reading nook to a family entertainment area. Custom joinery was offset with a new dining table and benches for flexible dining options. Designtank also sourced finishing touches, like custom curtains, a library ladder for the bookshelves and sophisticated leather chairs.

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