Art Deco Kitchen

Client Brief:

Extend our kitchen to give us a contemporary space whilst integrating seamlessly with our classic art deco home.


The centrepiece of this design was the classic Art Deco curves drawn from the building exterior. The new kitchen extension needed to carve out space for cooking and entertaining, whilst staying true to its Deco aesthetic. A minimalistic approach to colour informed our custom-designed cabinetry and kitchen island. Designing in-house allowed for seamless matching between the building’s bones, its new joinery and the final selection of furniture.


This project required a complete redesign of the kitchen layout to maximise the new space created by a kitchen extension. Ensuring that the aesthetic integrated perfectly between new and old, we ran cabinetry and joinery through both areas, curving proudly through the spaces. Benchtops and splashbacks were sourced to balance cost and authenticity and finished with black kitchen stools.

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